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Be ProActive - not ReActive

Stephen Covey gave us brilliance in his book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People."

Each January, or at the beginning of the new month, or every Monday - people embark on their latest and great plan to lose weight, start exercising and to improve their health.

However, after a short few days, or weeks, they "fall off the wagon" and discouraged, they return to their old ways and habits until the next shiny new fad comes their way.

So what went wrong?

Typically, people fail to create and apply a holistic, sustainable plan for change.

- Maybe they chose the plan, bought the food and prepped the meals, but quickly lost motivation with the time necessary to make massive meal changes.

- Maybe they had a plan that was great as long as everything went "as planned," but didn't know what to do when an emergency at work kept them out later than expected, and they had to swing through the drive thru - 3 days in a row.

- Maybe they chose a plan with plenty of details on what to eat and not to eat, and had no idea what to do when they got sick of the foods on the plan.

- Maybe they stuck with the plan for the first 21 days, but had no clue what to do after the plan ended.

If you want a better outcome, you need to choose a different process.

Instead of changing all of the things at once and hoping for the perfect world so you can succeed, BE PROACTIVE in choosing 1 small change that you can apply over and over and over again. BE PROACTIVE in choosing something sustainable (more on that later!). BE PROACTIVE by running scenarios and having a fall-back plan if your ideal situation doesn't happen (because sooner or later, it won't be ideal).

Change is possible. Be PROACTIVE - not REACTIVE

Renovation Nutrition & Renovation CrossFit can help.

Reach out if you need ideas and support!

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