If you don't want to read all this: 

You can do CrossFit. 

All the things you don't think you can do - I promise we will help you be successful. 

Your job is to drive up the hill & give us your best. 

Our job is to make it work for you. I've been in this industry for over 25 years... I will boldly say, we're pretty good at what we do, and while we are sure you're special, there isn't much we can't work around :) 


US: The basic details... 

Dom has taught fitness classes for well over a decade... 

Betsy has been in the industry for nearly 25 years and has done everything from management, group fitness instruction, instructor coaching, content creation for an international fitness company, personal training, nutrition coaching and more... 


No one ever could have convinced us that one day we would become an official CrossFit affiliate - Renovation CrossFit. 

(For the record: Betsy also never thought she'd be a gray-haired, homeschooling mom living in Maine again... but that's a different story... now let's add on raising chickens, 2 adopted Great Danes & a sweet Young Pup named Maple... )

In fact, we thought CrossFit was for a crazy elite level of people that we weren't, and that we didn't want to become.  We thought CrossFit was a workout where the end goal was smash your body, no matter the cost, just for bragging rights.  We thought very few people could complete or thrive in CrossFit. 

Then a long-term trusted friend in the industry invited a very terrified Betsy to a private class in NH... and it changed everything. 

Here's what we've learned thus far... 

- CrossFit is hands-down the most accessible, user-friendly, modifiable workouts we've ever done

- we can reach more people and change more lives through CrossFit because we have the freedom to fit the workout to the athlete - vs. trying to squeeze the athlete into the workout. 

- scaling and options meet people where they are, but still allows room for challenge and growth

- people are capable of WAY more than they realize

- EVERYONE is an elite athlete in their own way

- There is literally an option and level for EVERYONE to be successful.  Our job is to coach well!

We are so grateful to be Renovation CrossFit.  We are so thankful for our people, and for our community. 

We are humbled with the opportunity to help people live holistically healthier lives.  We are blessed by every person who walks in our doors and who gives Renovation CrossFit a try.  

We sincerely hope you decide to be part of our crew! 

In case you're curious... when we're not at RCF... you might find us: 

- homeschooling our 2 mini humans

- singing & playing on the worship music team at Fayette Baptist Church

- making maple yummies with Sunrise Maple Farm

- drinking coffee, hopefully from Life's Perks in Wilton! :) 


Helping YOU GET HEALTHIER through Sustainable, Holistic Fitness & Nutrition.


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