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After 25+ years in the health/fitness and nutrition industry (we can tell you all about those years if you really want to know) - we're confident we can help you reach your goals.  We've done personal training, group fitness instructing, small group training, coaching, nutrition coaching, management... We have you covered :) 

No matter what level you're at, we have the tools to help you learn, grow and make changes towards a holistically healthier you.

The #1 concern we hear about CrossFit is "I can't do that." We promise you, you CAN do CrossFit.  There are levels for EVERYONE - we're here to help you find what challenges and helps YOU! 

We've been Renovation CrossFit since 2018 (Training Floor Fitness LLC since 2015). We are so thankful for our people, for our community and for the opportunity to help people live holistically healthier lives.  

We sincerely hope you decide to be part of our crew! 


In case you're curious...

-We've been married since 1999

when we're not at RCF... you might find us: 

- homeschooling our 2 mini humans

- hanging with our fab church Summit Faith Community in Farmington

- drinking coffee

- making believe we have a mini homestead 

- Loving God. Loving People.

-Dominic hosts a men's Bible Study at 8:30am 1 & 3rd Sat of each month at RCF

-Betsy hosts a women's Bible Study at 8:30am 1 & 3rd Sat of each month at RCF

Both groups are studying the Gospel of John (until we finish... or Jesus comes :))

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