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How "starting over" is going...

Still. Going.

Something funny happens when you own your crap and draw a line in the sand. It frees you from external expectations, and allows you to focus on the goal in front of you, one little step at a time. There is no shortcut to real results. Stop Quitting. Stop Making Excuses. Get Started.

For me, no shortcuts has meant:

- going for shorter runs as I build up endurance. I'm not focusing on time - just frequency of running. BTW: since I do the programming for RCF, and many members have similar goals, this means evvvvvvvveryone has been doing more running. Sucks less when you do it together. RCF Members, you're welcome :)

- slowly increasing strength. Lots of mixing and matching with DB, KB, Barbell and body weight. While I'm not where I was before I broke my back, I'm improving every day. Little gratitude - today I was able to lift 50# more on an un-belted Deadlift than I was 2 months ago. Kinda amazing to see what the human body can do.

- nutrition. When you're the coach and you have weight to lose, it's humbling. But, shocker. The plan works (ask a few of my clients who've recently learned that sticking to their protocols actually produces results :)). Whole foods. Lotsa fruits and veggies. Water. Sleep. It's not fancy, but it works. I've been tempted to complain about how far I still have to go to be where I was... But when I looked back and realized what I've lost (about 1.5#/week) doing NOTHING FANCY, just the basics, I realized I needed patience, consistency and grace. Just like I tell everyone else. The plan works.

I don't tell you all of this because I think you're deeply interested in my personal progress. I tell you this because chances are you either have goals, injuries or excuses (or all 3).

You either don't think you can make progress or you're likely tempted to hop onto some fancy new product, drink, supplement, or diet or workout fad to "jump start" your results.

Just stick to the basics. Learn how to meal plan, meal prep, buy groceries, cook, drink water and do basic workouts. Know what's going into your body. Move more, sit less.

Own your crap. Stop making excuses. If you need a coach or a place to work on this together - reach out. It's what we do best.

Finally - I know this is a completely unflattering picture. If that bothers you, focus on the shoes :). But in early June, this was the first time I'd cleaned a bar with weight in almost 5 months. All I cared about was the fact that I got under that bar (And back up :)). Sometimes you need to check what's actually important.

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