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Nail Your Mornings...

It's no secret that a great morning can set you up for a fantastic day - and that a rough morning can be tough to recover from to make sure you end the day well.

So instead of "winging it" each day and hoping for the best, we want to encourage you to find activities and routines that help you Nail Your Mornings - so you can be more likely to nail your day and reach your goals.

1: Start the night before.

- Eat a healthy supper with protein, fruits/veg & carbs. This will help you sleep better and prepare you for activity the next day.

- Go to bed early or on time, and get a full night of sleep. Aim for no less than 7 hours of sleep. Even better if you can get 8-9. You'll wake up refreshed, recovered from your previous day and ready to hit the ground running.

- Set out what you need for the next morning so you're more likely to follow through. Workout clothes, water, reading/journaling materials, Coffee (of course :)).

2: Get up on time, no snoozing.

Follow through on your promise to start your day on time. Skip the snooze button and train yourself to get up and take action when you say you will.

3: Do something active.

Consider morning workouts, a morning walk or a bit of stretching and mobility to get your mind, body and muscles moving. Maybe it's a great time to consider joining our 6am or 7:30am CrossFit classes! :) If mornings don't work, make your plan for evening workouts by taking gear and a snack with you! 5:30pm CrossFit is a fantastic option!

4: Take a few moments to get grounded.

This could be reading, journaling, Bible time, prayer, planning etc. Take time in the quiet of the the morning, before you hit social media, news, email or family time - to get your heart, mind and thoughts together.

5: Decide what positive actions you'll take for your health today.

This is unlimited! Choose 1 action and repeat daily, until it becomes a habit. Then, layer on an additional habit... repeat the process... over time, you'll be shocked at how much progress you've made, and at how many new positive habits you've added to your life.

Just a few ideas: Drink more water, increase protein, eat more fruits and veggies, eat more whole foods, add more steps to your day, get outside, be more active, spend 10 minutes de-stressing 1-2x per day, take 1 action towards improving a relationship in your life etc...

6: Bank on Breakfast.

Choosing to eat a healthy breakfast each day can literally change your health and your day. Starting with protein, fruits and veggies and some smart carbs can impact your choices for the rest of the day. It's a lot easier to choose a healthier lunch if you're not trying to recover from donuts, waffles and french toast from breakfast (tip: save those for special occasions, and be sure to include lots of protein and whole fruits to the meal.

If you have nutrition targets you're trying to reach, like the ones below, you'll quickly learn you need to get some of the grams and water in during breakfast, or you'll struggle playing "catch-up" for the rest of the day...

- protein target you're reaching for (we recommend eating 0.7-1.0 grams of protein per # of your body weight each day!),

- fruit and veggie target (we recommend 800g of fruits and veggies, by weight each day! See our 800g Challenge post FMI),

- water target (1/2 of your body weight in # of ounces of water each day),

7: Give yourself Grace.

You won't nail this every single day. That's okay! Make a plan. Set yourself up for success. Give yourself a lot of grace when you're not perfect (because you won't be), and just keep going vs. spiraling down after 1(or 2 or 3...) poor choices.

Have fun - and reach out if we can help. That's what we do at Renovation CrossFit!

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