Spoiler: You don't have to "Get In Shape" before you start...
You just have to drive up the hill...

Technically CrossFit is "Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity."  
What that means in real language is: 
- you'll do a different workout each class

- you'll do cardio, strength and body-weight training in a ton of different ways
- you'll do movements that will help you better live your everyday life. 

- you'll work at an intensity that's challenging, yet do-able, for you.


Just to save you time looking on google. Don't worry - there won't be a quiz and we explain it in class!

Here's some info that might be helpful. 

Tabata: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest... repeated. lots. 

AMRAP: As many rounds/reps as possible.  Done for a certain time. 

EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute.  

RFT: Rounds for Time.   

Typical Class: 60 minutes 

Warm-up (5 min on own; then coach led)

Skill work: learning the moves and equipment for the day.  We get to see how you move, help you choose the right level and option and then practice. 

(Pee Break) - because... moms. 

WOD: "Workout of the day" This is the actual action workout portion (AMRAP, EMOM, TABATA, Rounds etc)

Finisher: sometimes :) just a little practice work at the end, if there's time and a need. 

We will do everything we can to help you be successful at RCF!



Community and closeness... Yes, but not
Community and closeness... Yes, but not

300 Kettlebell swings _200 Air Squats_10
300 Kettlebell swings _200 Air Squats_10


Community and closeness... Yes, but not
Community and closeness... Yes, but not

"The needs of olympic athletes and our grandparents vary only in degree, not kind"  Greg Glassman, Founder CrossFit Inc.
Renovation CrossFit - all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.  You CAN do it!