A Little Help

 Sometimes it can be scary to try something new and intimidating to think you need to know what you're doing before you get here.

The reality is - you don't have to worry!   

Our job it to show you everything you need to know and to coach you to be successful.  You just have to show up and try!

Here's some info that might be helpful. 


Just to save you time looking on google. Don't worry - there won't be a quiz and we explain it in class!

WOD = Workout of the Day

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible

RFT = Rounds for Time

Tabata = 20 sec of work. 10 sec of rest. Typically repeated 8x. 

EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute


Most classes follow this basic structure.  It ebbs and flows a bit depending on the WOD. All pieces of the class are instrumental in making sure you know what you're doing, that you do it effectively, and that you get a fab workout with proper coaching. 

Warm-up: General and specific warm-up to prep for workout ahead. 

Skill Work:  Coaching and break down of WOD moves; practice time; mini pre-WOD to prepare, or strength work. 
WOD: The actual workout.  Changes completely each day in length, moves, equipment, focus, intensity.  

Finisher: Small bit of "accessory" work (bands, smaller muscles, foam rolling, core, carries etc) to end workout. 


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